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Why you must consider doing MBBS in Russia?

When it comes to taking a course out of India, students mostly go for American or European countries and they often end up neglecting one of the best options they have- Russia. Believe it or not, Russia is one of the best options you have when it comes to taking a medical course. Instead of giving spine-breaking donation fees in the private universities in India, which are not even well-known, why not go across International borders and do MBBS in Russia. Do find this statement strange? If your answer is yes, let’s make our statement stronger.

6 Reasons to do MBBS in Russia

Russia has now become the sixth favorite destination of students from various countries and this rank is expected to go higher up each year. A medical course in Russia lasts for six years and you have to know why you need to MBBS in Russia. Listed below are some of the best reasons that will definitely convince to consider doing MBBS in Russia-

1.The acceptance rate in various Russian universities that offer a course in medicine is much higher in comparison to the other countries. The average acceptance rate at Russian medical universities is even more than 98%. This high acceptance rate is mainly because the Russian universities do not want to disappoint the students applying for an admission there. They specially do not want the students to get frustrated with themselves at the starting of their career only.

2.In comparison to the other countries with the best medical education system like USA, UK or Europe, the admission process in Russia is a lot easier. The eligibility requirements are very lenient too- you do not need to take tests like IELTS or SAT. The Russian universities do ask for one basic requirement- good grades in secondary school, only then can you go on to start an MBBS course in Russia.

3.Unlike all other countries, the universities in Russia even go to the trouble of offering a preparatory course to every foreign student. These courses are specially prepared for the students applying for a medical course and it is inclusive of language training as well as a revision of the previous knowledge. This course is aimed at introducing the students to the common medical terms, prepare them for what is about to come and make them good enough to be able to communicate with local patients while training.

4.Taking a medical course can get a bit too hard on the pocket as it is not an inexpensive course. But the Russian currency Ruble is not so strong in the market and thus taking a medical course in Russia has become relatively much cheap now. Apart from the low fee structure, the cost of living in Russia is also quite affordable. So, you do not have to worry about putting too much burden on your parents’ shoulders when you really want to be a doctor and study medicine.

5.A medical degree issues from Russian universities is regarded as one of the most reputable degrees in the world of medicine. These degrees are one of the top-rated degrees by UNESCO and WHO. When you consider the top 100 medical universities from around the world, almost 30 of them are from Russia.

6.Apart from all the above reasons, there is also the important factor that you will be enjoying a happy life in a good country. As opposed to many other countries, there is no racism in Russia, you won’t feel too homesick. The people welcome foreigners into the modern cities of Russia with open hands.

You simply need to apply by submitting your documents and wait around for a month to find out whether you have been admitted or not. The medical courses generally begin in the month of September. Among all the East European countries often considered by aspiring medical students like Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Armenia etc, Russia is simply the best option you have.

Isn’t it better to take a hassle-free admission for a medical course in a cool country like Russia instead of going through all that trouble? Maybe it’s time to rethink about the plans you have in mind.

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  1. dear sir how much fees in study mbbs in Russia

    1. Hi Ramya Thanq for mbbs in Russia fees structer is depend on university 2200000 lakhs to 3600000/-Indian Rupees approximately for entire course.

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