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Why you must consider doing MBBS in Philippines

Indian students find it rather hard to get an admission into a good university or college within India. Even if they somehow succeed in getting a good ranking in medical entrance exams, they end up getting seats in private college with simply too much fees. This is mainly because more than half of the total number of seats available have been allotted to private colleges and if you want to take admission in a private college, you must be ready to spend at least 50 lakhs of tuition fee. Another great option for such students is doing MBBS in Philippines. Do you find this idea strange?

Reasons to study MBBS in Philippines

If you have always wanted to study abroad but do not go too far from your country, the Philippines is one of the best options for you in the Southeast Asian region. The Philippines government universities are very old and having excellent infrastructure.

The tuition fee for doing MBBS in Philippines in much more affordable when you compare the total expenditure in comparison to the private colleges in India. Zero capitalization fees as well as zero donation fees reduce the total tuition fee by a huge amount. At a very less investment, you will be able to receive good education in a beautiful country.

The faculty in various universities across the Philippines are mainly based out of America and India. They are all very highly qualified and very experienced in the field of medicine. They are very cooperative and they will be ready to help you out all the way through the course.

Apart from the low tuition fee, the cost of living is also quite affordable in Philippines. You can live without being too careful about every single penny and still enjoy a good student life.

  • The culture and the environment throughout the country in very friendly for foreign students. The local students as well as the local people do not mind making friends with outsiders and this will make it a lot easier to feel at home. The Filipinos are amazing hosts.
  • Once you have completed you MBBS in Philippines, you will be completely eligible to start practising in India. You do not have to worry about waiting around and working in the same country after completing your course. All you need to do is register yourself as a doctor.

    The Philippines medical universities are well-known for their high standard of education. The country’s universities are known all around the world and have been recognised by organizations like IMED, WHO and ECFMG.

    Taking a medical course in the country of Philippines opens up many options for a doctor in the future. Once you have completed your mbbs course and obtained your degree, it will even be very easy to move to the United States of America. You may also get the opportunity to work in Canada, Australia and other such countries without taking any extra courses.

    The climate of Philippines is quite similar to that of India, so all Indian students will find the climate quite favourable. The climate varies from 23°C to 32°C.

    The Philippines was once a colony of the United States once and thus, the official language of country is English. The entire course will be in English and you will find it quite easy to communicate with the local students as well as with the local patients.

    Any Indian student can take admission in a Philippines university directly. The degree of MD i.e. Doctor of Medicine is equivalent to the degree of MBBS from other countries like India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. This MD course has been recognised WHO and MDCI.

    The complete course will last for a total duration of five years and six months for all students who have passed senior secondary school with Science. The first sixteen months work towards building a background in science. Then the next four years are dedicated to the strengthening of a students’ core in medicine and clinical rotation.

    As the end of the course approaches, the universities allow their students to start doing clinical rounds according to various departments and learn how to start praticising. All this is done under the guidance of an experienced doctor.

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    1. why Philippines better for go to study MBBS in Telugu students.

      1. YES BECAUSE MORE THAN 2k plus students are study MBBS in Philippines.AND some universities maintain Telugu Professors.

    2. MBBS Bangladesh is the best option for non ranked Indian students, who have 70% marks in Academic. Its nearest, lowest fees and under MCI WHO.

    3. What is NMAT?

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