admission in russian medical colleges

Admission in Russian Medical Colleges

Pursue Admission in Russian Medical Colleges for a Bright Future

Are you in the pursuit of becoming an aspiring medical practitioner?

To ensure your admission in Russian medical colleges

you can start your preparations from the beginning itself to achieve success at it. Russia is known for its world-class infrastructure and education.

Thus, it attracts several Indian students who wish to make it big in the medical field. In addition to the top quality of education in Russia, MBBS in Russia also tends to be highly affordable in comparison to other regions of the world.

Why Should You Go for MBBS Russia?

There are ample reasons to pursue MBBS in top medical colleges and universities of Russia. You can consider studying MBBS in Russia for several reasons including:

• Low Cost of Education: The Russian government has highly subsidized the education system in the country. Therefore, even as a foreign student, you can expect heavy discounts and less admission fees into the leading medical colleges & universities. In addition to the education, even food & accommodation options are cheap in Russia and you can save big amounts during your study here.

• The medical students are given training in the MCI screening test as well such that they become registered to practice their profession in India also.

• Various government institutions and internationally recognized degrees that are accredited by WHO and the Medical Council of India make the students eligible to practice their medical profession in any part of the world.

• The medical courses are taught in English. There is no TOEFL or IELT test to be given to receive medical education in the English language in Russia.

• The professors are highly qualified and offer top-class education. They are well aware of the MCI regulations and thus match the syllabus and exam pattern in the desired manner.

• The students going for MBBS Russia are exposed to a big platform wherein students from across the world come to study. As a result, they are better able to understand different cultures, languages, lifestyle and so more.

Eligibility Criteria to Get Admission in Russian Medical Colleges
If you wish to pursue MBBS Russia from the leading colleges, then here are the eligibility criteria for the same:

• A student should have passed 12th standard in the Science stream or equivalent course with minimum 50% aggregate marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. For the reserved students, 40% aggregate score is needed in these subjects. This is as per the MCI guidelines for MBBS degree.

• There is no common entrance test.

• The pattern of education is similar to the Indian curriculum. The student will be awarded the MBBS degree at the end of the tenure of 6 years in comparison to the 4-year tenure in India. The students might take the internship in Russia or India.

• Applications along with proper documents will be sent to the desired medical colleges. Upon selection, the students will receive the admission letter.

Get ready to get admission in Russian medical colleges!

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