http full form

HTTP Full Form

All you need to know about the features of HTTP

You might have come across HTTP whenever you enter any URL. You must mention HTTP before every address of the specified page. HTTP is used for data communication by the Internet. The HTTP full form is Hyper Text Transfer Protocol.

It delivers data on the internet. The basic function of HTTP involves two stages, one is how the requested data of a client is constructed and how it is sent to the server. The second stage shows the behavior of the servers, that is, what is the response to the requested data.

As you all have known that the HTTP full form is Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. This is a simple yet a powerful protocol. There are few features of the HTTP that you should know. The list of features is given below.

• It does not depend upon the media. You can provide any type of data and the length of data depends on the ability of the server and client to handle the content of the data. A client and a server can define the type of your data content with the help of MIME-type.

• It is considered as a stateless protocol. The reason behind being stateless is that all the commands are executed in an independent manner. The individual command is unaware of their preceding commands.

• Whenever any HTTP request is initiated, the client makes its request. After the process is done, the client disconnects itself. It waits for the server’s response. As soon as the request is processed, the server again builds a connection with its client.

In this way, the server responds to a client’s request. This concludes that HTTP is connection less.
The HTTP full form, Hyper Text Transfer Protocol also has a secure version which is commonly known as HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol).

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