Full Form of MBBS

Full Form of MBBS

Full Form of MBBS: Your Path to Success And Prosperity

Do you wish to pursue MBBS? MBBS is a lucrative course of study that is pursued by the medical aspirants of the country.

The full form of MBBS is a combination of two words: MB (“Medicinae Baccalaureus”) which is Bachelor of Medicine in Latin and BS which stands for Bachelor of Surgery. Though both of these words suggest different graduate degrees, MBBS is a single full-time degree course. The full form of MBBS suggests an Undergraduate Academic Degree Course that deals with Medicine and Surgery.
MBBS Overview

The duration of the MBBS course extends over four and a half years. This tenure is divided into 9 semesters. Each semester is of the duration of six months. Once the students have completed their academic study of the course, they have one complete year to undergo mandatory rotating internship. Therefore, the overall duration of the MBBS course becomes five and a half years.

MBBS degree is required for gaining the status and pursuing the profession of Doctor in Allopathic Medicine. The candidates who undergo this study are given in-depth knowledge about the entire human body through various theoretical and practical sessions. They are also imparted experience in carrying out body dissections and surgeries of different parts of the body.

If you have a scientific bend of mind and take an avid interest in Biology and its applications, then the course of MBBS is well suited for you. You can start preparing in advance for getting admission into the leading medical colleges in India or abroad. The decision of pursuing MBBS for higher education can be taken as early as after 10th.

It is in 10+2 that you would take up the right courses including Biology. Then you can prepare for clearing the competitive exam for getting enrolled into a reputed medical college.
Once you have completed your MBBS, you have a myriad of lucrative career options. All the best for your career!

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