Courses after MBBS

So many students searching for courses after mbbs, some students are taking option for Post Graduate either MD (Doctor of Medicine) or MS (Master of Surgeon) there are various branches where a MBBS graduate can pursue MD/MS or Diploma. Generally, it takes three years to complete MD or MS while Diploma is 2 years.

The prospects of both the fields are comparably good, but financially surgical specialties are more valuable. For an aspirant who gets fearful at the intend of blood, Master of surgeon is not an option.

Now admission to MD and Ms is regulated by a common entrance test (NEET-PG). With so many options available courses after MBBS.
Diploma of National Board (DNB) is the 2nd best option for mbbs graduates. In 1975, the Government of India established the National Board of Examinations, the DNB Degree should always be considered equivalent to MD/MS/DM/MCh.

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