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Veterinary Courses

The Importance of Veterinary Services

The need for veterinary services is gaining impetus in the recent times. Those who wish to get into the veterinary services can undergo the veterinary courses after pursuing their 12th (10+2).

The veterinary services play a major role in the prevention and management of contagious animal diseases, food borne zoonotic hazards, zoonoses and even those animals which do not show any sign of clinical illness. Professional veterinary services as veterinarians have diversified their activities by taking up positions at various links in the production chain.

The Key Roles of Veterinarians and Veterinary Services
As per the definition of the World Organization for Animal Health, the veterinary services include the public as well as the private players who contribute to the effectiveness of the system.

Veterinary Competencies

The veterinary medicine is characterized by three particular aspects

as follows:

• The unit of veterinary care as far as livestock is concerned.

• The economic limits on the actions of the veterinarian in the context of monitoring herd management

• Veterinarians (at all times) must weigh the interests of the private individuals along with the interest of the community
During the time of 19th century, the remit of the veterinarians has been extended for including animal health inspections of the slaughtered animals.

After this, this competence had been extended to include the factors like hygiene of food products of the animal origin and even upstream to agricultural inputs.

The corresponding disciplines are nowadays taught in various veterinary courses that tend to satisfy with the international quality standards. The veterinary services along with the experience of the veterinarians for working over notifiable diseases imply that they have been favorably disposed of the application of standards that offer a consistent framework for the prevention and control of food safety hazards, thereby strengthening the role of veterinarians in consumer protection.

Veterinary Services

Historically, the veterinary services had been set up for controlling the animal diseases at the farm level. Following on from the concept of the abattoir and livestock production, the veterinary services are also assigned the task of animal health control of various animal products at different stages of processing and even distribution. In some countries, the veterinarians also perform the majority of controls right up to the final consumer.

The veterinary services at the present level are having a legitimate role at the farm level. In addition to carrying out various animal health and protection missions, the veterinarians are also concerned with controlling the measures needed for ensuring the subsequent safety of food products that are derived from the animals.

Veterinary courses,services also have an important role in the international trades. These services provide relevant guarantees to the importing countries by the signing of the International Veterinary Certificates, both for the animal health as well as for animal food products in most of the countries of the world.

In addition to this, the veterinary services also play a key role in the protection of national territory & population and in the control of imported animals and products.

Veterinary Courses

B.V.Sc.&AH(Bachelor of Veterinary science and animal husbandry)

Diploma in Veterinary Pharmacist

PG Courses





4.Animal Reproduction, Gynecology &Obstetrics (ARG)



7.Veterinary Clinical Medicine, Ethics &Jurisprudence (MED)

8.Veterinary Pharmacology & Toxicology (TOX)

Veterinary colleges in India

veterinary colleges

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